Training: Simplified

Perfect for organizations and companies starting their learning journey, LayupX offers a lite LMS solution to upskill smaller teams quickly and easily.

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Fast, Effortless and Lite

LayupX is a simplified version of Layup Enterprise, and offers a quick and easy knowledge dissemination tool for Small & Medium Organizations, with a minimal investment.

Simplified Learner Profile

A learning focused profile allow users to view their progression quickly and easily.

Detailed Reporting

Advanced reporting capabilities for you to fill in learning gaps and optimize content delivery.

Easy Course Management

Manage content better with Layup, giving admins the opportunity to upload courses directly to the platforms, create curriculums and assign them with ease.

Quick Deployment

Ready to use and easy to deploy, LayupX can help upskill teams from Day 1 so you hit the ground running.

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Our pre-developed courses allow you to stop worrying about content creation.

Our microlearning-centric courses inspired by industry giants and Ivy-League universities can help you drive learning engagement for continuous professional development beyond mandatory training.

We've also got...

Gamified Learning

Interactive Assessments


Course Library


Permissions & Restrictions

Media Embedding

Progress Measurement

Content Authoring

Multi-Format Content

Fully Whitelabelled

Automated Reports

Learning Paths

Mobile Ready

Data Protection & Security

Permissions & Restrictions

including all APIs and Integrations compatible with Layup Enterprise

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