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Social Driven, gamified learning that's enterprise ready.

Our flagship learning management system with its sharp design and even sharper functionality gives you the flexibility to run efficient, effective training at scale for your organization.

Social-driven for enhanced engagement

Promote collaboration and create a culture of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and social learning through newsfeeds, discussion forums and IdeaBox.

Social Dashboard

Allow your employees to stay up to date on all learning activities within the platform, and interact with peers in a familiar setting.

Post, Share & Comment

Encourage staff to continue learning by posting updates, sharing their recent activities and commenting on co-workers' announcements.

Likes & Reactions

Like and react to peer posts, to show your appreciation and boost morale.


Collaborate and mentor fellow staff through discussions, creating two-way conversations within the organization.

Learner Directory

Access a directory of all platform users within the organization to direct a question and get assistance.


Allow your talent to share problems, gather ideas, and propose solutions, giving your employees a voice.

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Gamified & Game based learning

Give your employees a unique game-based learning experience with simulations, games and competitive multiplayer quizzes. Gamified and game-based learning allows you to deliver engaging content while also developing your learners' cognitive skills. Layup continues to promote healthy competition when it comes to learning by leveraging on gamified content and game-based learning.

Points and Leaderboards

Layup is fully points-driven to create a competitive, self-motivating environment for learners to progress and climb up the rank ladder.

Certificates and Digital Rewards

Unlock badges and certificates, and earn virtual trophies to recognize learning milestones and offline events.

Game-based Learning With Interactive Content

Offer game-based learning to your learners and help improve their cognitive skills such as focus, attention, and problem-solving.

Personalized UI

Make navigation easy for learners with a simple yet powerful user interface. Similar to prominent social platforms, a personalized profile and activity feed removes the need for any prior training on how to use Layup. The platform's UI can be customized to reflect the brand identity of your organization, creating familiarity and inspiring a sense of belonging for your organization while learning.

Social Newsfeed

Allow users to stay up-to-date on all learning activities.

Employee Profile

Create a customized profile for each employee.

Simplified Navigation

Navigate the platform with ease through a familiar layout.

Reminders & Notifications

Communicate pending courses, assessments and deadlines directly to users.

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Simplified Course Creation

Layup has an in-built content creation tool to easily develop rich-text and Audio & Video based content with minimal steps, while also enabling you to set up and schedule live lectures, upload interactive courses, SCORM courses, as well as role-based training within in a single instance.

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Develop Your Own Courses

Easily develop your own courses with our in-built content authoring tool, which is rich-text based for simplicity.

Extended Language Support

Layup supports over 200 languages, and allows admins to create customized content in any preferred language.

Engaging Curated Content

Handpick material that fits your organization from our carefully organized list of pre-built content.

Manage Courses Better

Administrators are able to upload pre-designed courses directly into the platform, removing the need to rebuild any priorly created material.

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Administration and Advanced Reporting

Our centralized administrative functions, analytics and reporting helps evaluate key metrics such as course popularity, completion rates and individual learner performance for effective L&D decision making.

Admin Dashboard

Get a quick overview of everything happening on the platform at a glance through our comprehensive admin dashboard.

Performance Metrics

Evaluate user activity and other metrics individually or based on groups, and measure the effectiveness of your L&D strategy.

Centralized Admin Functionality

Admins are able to carry out all administrative tasks in one centralized environment.

Deep Analytics

Generate detailed reports, ranging from courses, assessments and user groups to individual user performance instantly

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