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Create engaging learning content quickly and easily

Transform your rudimentary learning content into interactive courses that enhance engagement in order to acheive learning outcomes.

Content Creation: Made Easy

A Fully-fledged Content Team

Our internal content development team creates and modifies subject matter with a vast scope, making learning material extremely engaging and interactive.

A Comprehensive Course Library

We boast an abundance of courses for you to choose from, ranging from general soft skills to industry-specific material that can be easy plugged in to your learning strategy at the click of a button.

Multi-language Capability

Supports multilingual content with UTF-8 encoding to support over 200 languages

Microlearning Approach

Bite-sized learning snippets for easier creation and better facilitate self-paced learning.

Easy Access

Eliminate admin tasks by getting interactive courses uploaded directly to the platform by our in-house content team

Multiple Content Formats

Rich-text editor helps administrators easily create content including a wide range of content formats

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Creating a 1-hour eLearning course can take over 200 hours in practice.
Layup's in-house content team can cut down your content creation time, optimize instructional design and help you create engaging, interactive courses guided by pedagogic strategies including the teach-me, try-me, test-me method.

Deliver Interactive Courses

Our in-house content team helps you create rich, interactive courses filled with game-based learning elements and interactive quizzes to make learning engaging.

These courses can be created focusing on specific learning outcomes using a guided content creation process to enhance knowledge retention.

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Curated Content: In One Click

Enrich your training with a bundle of mobile-ready essential courses inspired by international curricula and designed by our in-house content team.

With our free course bundle, give your learners a headstart into professional and personal development with micro courses on a range of soft skills. Purchase our larger content bundle of 50 courses for a wider variety of content in the form of long form and micro courses to let your learners pick and choose courses to suit their professional development goals.

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Managing Meetings

Meetings are a regular feature at work. But how much do they really accomplish? Find out how to improve your ability to hold productive meetings at work with this course on managing successful meetings inspired by Indiana University's (USA) program on effective management and communication.

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A Master the Art of Communication

Inspired by the program "Business Communications" from Doane University (USA) and Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory, this comprehensive course will equip you with the essential communication skills you need to generate positive outcomes whenever you communicate and leave a good impression every time.

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Public Speaking 101

Public speaking is a valuable skill in the corporate world. Learn the basics of public speaking through this 4-part course inspired by University of Harvard's (USA) program on the art of persuasive writing and public speaking and RIT's (USA) course on public speaking. With practice, you'll become an expert speaker in no time.

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