Make education fun and accessible

Give your students lessons to remember with an approach that blends online education with classroom education.

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Collaborative learning, focused on engagement

Cultivate a culture of knowledge-sharing, with a heavy focus on student engagement through game-based learning and communication tools that link students to each other and their teachers.

Game Dynamics

Points-based learning methods encourages students to complete their learning activities, driven by healthy competition.

Interactive Assessments

The platform offers multiple question types developed to increase the level of interaction students experience during evaluations.

Bite-sized Content

Layup Classrooms takes a microlearning approach in breaking down subject matter into smaller, bite-sized lessons for optimal comprehension.

Two-way Communication

Allow students and teachers to communicate by opening up a discussion forum within the platform itself, allowing them to clarify their doubts.

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Built for students

Layup Classroom creates an unified learning platform with an array of features to enable and enhance education. Developed with engagement and knowledge retention in mind, these tools come together to create a highly engaging student experience, for a smooth, uninterrupted learning flow.

Captivating Courses

Extremely engaging courses help students to be more focussed on learning material, thereby improving content absorption and knowldge retention.

Interactive Quizzes

Gamified quizzes create an interactive assessment environment, breaking away from standard testing and driving students' competitive spirit.

Rewards, Badges & Certificates

Motivate learning and encourage friendly competition with exciting elements like points, awards, badges, rank map and more.

Lesson Reinforcement

Allow students to recap what they have learnt during a live session, through an engaging course, followed by a quick, interactive assessment to fully reinforce all learning content.

Reminders And Notifications

Set up automatic real time notifications on progress, achievements & comments, and send customized reminders to keep students in the know about upcoming classes, tests and deadlines.

Testing And Evaluation

The platform has multiple modules for assessing students, including tests similar to term exams, to evaluate their proficiency. A large question pool ensures that no two candidates are asked the same set of questions.

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Built for teachers

Enable remote learning, making it easier for teachers to connect with their students outside the physical classroom and streamline learning activities through our proprietary LMS. Reduce tutor workloads by minimizing repetitive tasks and creating a centralized knowledge dissemination platform across your institution.

Simplified Content Creation

Create interactive courses using in-built content creation tools, upload third party content or transform your existing courses with the help of our in-house content team.

Schedule Live Sessions With Ease

Set up live classroom sessions quicly and efficiently through Layup's Microsoft Teams integration, making it easy to keep track of lessons and learners' daily agendas.

Library Of Advanced Courses

Include courses from a selection of content designed for professionals to familiarize senior tertiary level students to equip them with the skillsets they need in the corporate world.

Create Course Curriculums

Set up curriculums for each course segment, and evaluate students' comprehension at the point of completion.

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Advanced Reporting

As learning measurement is an integral part of evaluating students' comprehension, Layup Classroom includes a robust analytics system, allowing teachers and administrators to guage the impact of learning material.

Measure Content Consumption

Easily examine the levels of completion of courses on the platform to review students' progression & retention, and assign extra material where needed.

Deep Analytics

Analyze learning on a granular level, with the ability to even measure time taken for students to complete a course, enabling you to identify learning gaps and provide necessary reinforcement.

In-depth Intelligence

Layup offers administrators and teachers the possibility to take a deep-dive into all activities in the platform, and optimize content and strategies to increase adoption rates and improve performance.

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