The Layup Learning Platform

Layup is an eLearning platform designed to adapt organizations to the era of online education. We cater to the learning needs of the modern workforce with an emphasis on social and game based learning.

We help you automate corporate training and knowledge management for greater returns in employee engagement, overall productivity and business outcomes.

Invest in education, the new capital and create a unique learning experience that boosts professional and personal development. Recognized for improving knowledge retention and increasing engagement, Layup is now used by over 100,000 users and 10+ organizations in over 4+ countries.

Attract and retain top talent for longer with a learning solution that makes learning engaging and worthwhile.

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The Company

In 2013, we discovered that online learning was failing at engaging learners. Content is disengaging and difficult to create, learning is forced and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing is not prioritized.

Layup was developed in 2014 as a solution to the disengagement crisis in online corporate training. Our aim was to change the way we conduct online training by incorporating game mechanics and connecting learners through built-in social learning elements. Our content is brought to life with interactivities, game mechanics and micro learning elements.

We have since grown to over 21,000 users worldwide and clocked more than 200,000 learning hours.

Creative Software

Creative software, our parent company is a pioneer and leader in Sri Lanka’s software industry.

Creative Software specializes in developing and managing dedicated teams of software engineers and provides enterprise software solutions and maintenance services to clients around the globe.

With over two decades of experience in the software industry, Creative Software has clients in various sectors including construction, logistics, manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare, hospitality, mobile workforce, enterprise search, telecommunications, CRM, eCommerce and eLearning.

Creative Software Creative Software Creative Software


Keells Chairman’s Award For Disruptive Innovation 2018
Excellence In Training And Development 2018
Seedstars Global Finalist 2017
Seedstars Winner Colombo 2016
Asia’s Training And Development Excellence Awards 2015
TRECC Transforming Education Prize Finalist 2015
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Work in a multicultural environment.

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Join a corporation that provides the tools to upskill and grow.

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